The wave painting: June on the 2017 calendar is actually a wake painting!

Backstairs Passage, early crossing

This passage is deep and challenging. It entices wind-surfers and sailors, fishermen and cruisers. It is the course of large shipping vessels into and out of Adelaide. And several times a day, the ferries ply their way over and back between the mainland and Kangaroo Island. The crossing by ferry takes just under an hour – plenty of time for enthusiasts like me to take photos and videos of water. Dolphins appear out of nowhere to play. And midway across there is pitching drama as the currents and wave actions intersect…

This wave painting has to be one of my favourites. As well as a calendar pin-up,  I have used it on the cover of my book, South Australian Seascapes.

Here’s how the painting looks on the calendar.

wave painting June-calendar-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Backstairs Passage Early Crossing

on the book,

wave painting for June Seascapes bookcover Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

and a greeting card.

wave painting for June-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

And here it is in “virtual life”. It is a big work 60x90cm, painted on fine linen, a real beauty and available to buy.

wave painting June-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-backstairs-passage-early-crossing

It looks superb on a plain wall.

Imagine it in your dining area or bedroom at home.

“Backstairs Passage, early crossing” is a stirring work, capturing the essence and energy of the ferry’s wake.

Wouldn’t it be great in a waiting room. Tell your dentist!

Priced at $1620 (including free shipping to US, UK or Australia).

And 10% off for subscribers until 31st March.

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