A quick update on the Piccadilly Valley painting.

A rainy morning was forecast last Friday. The drive into the hills, the soft ground, the rain… My imagination got the better of me in the wrong way.

But, the payoff was studio time! It has been ages. Perhaps I really needed that. Another session on the Piccadilly Valley painting. Without being there. There is risk in that, but I was prepared to take it.

It was all about the foreground. I wanted to balance the strong form on the right. Some work yielded this:


Next step, watch and wait.

In the meantime, plenty to do. I spent the next few hours photographing work and considering my next book.

The watch and wait? I can see clearly now, 48 hours later that there is still more to do.


Piccadilly Valley, Autumn. 25x30cm, acrylic on stretched canvas.

The photo is taken by my phone (and me), so not 100% accurate. But it will give you the general idea. More watch and wait, but it feels finished to me now. Another session at Piccadilly this week. What shall I do this time?


2 thoughts on “Painting Update

  1. Philippa Robert says:

    Thanks Phillipa! Yes I was, and inspired by Mary’s striped raincoat as well. Lashed into it a bit!

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