In Part 2 of Travel Tips for outdoor painters, I will share a couple of ideas that apply at home as well as abroad.

travel tips-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-baking paper
Baking paper


Baking paper is sometimes called “parchment” in the UK. It is also available with a foil backing so it can be confusing unless you have a local guide. Home Brand parchment is very reasonably priced in the UK. This paper is as useful in the studio as it is in the kitchen! Its chief advantage for acrylics is that it can protect and separate surfaces without sticking or damage. The paint must be dry of course.

travel tips-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-sealable pots
Sealable pots for medium

Sealable pots

To carry small amounts of your “favourite” colours or medium, try the plastic containers for salad dressing made by Decor. They have snap-on lids which seal well. It helps to use a little bit of blu-tack to settle the pot into place when it is open, as well as a dob to stick the lid nearby. The only catch is to remember to recap the pot before you fold up your kit!

More tips coming soon. You might be familiar with the ones I have given so far. If not, great! Otherwise I trust you will find a gem as the series goes on.



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