An exciting week in which the virtual intersected happily with the actual three times!

It started on Monday when I received a lovely package of art from my friend PC at little bits of sheffield and steelcitystatic. Wonderful images of street art around Sheffield (and from the Peak district). Many seen on-screen, now held in hand! How amazing that seems, and a touch of handwriting too. Thank you for your generous gift PC.

And then this morning, an invitation from Kelly Medford. Kelly has asked a number for friends to join her to paint in Rome in October 2013.  As a virtual friend, I got a huge kick out of this! Have you seen Kelly’s blog? She is currently undertaking 120 consecutive days of painting in Italy and creating some wonderful pieces under this pressure. All 6×8″ and done with gear that she packs on a bicycle!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Here we are closing the studio on Sunday arvo. Free for other things!
So, it was off to town today to see some art. First stop, the National Wine Centre to see the Kangaroo Island Fine Art show on the theme of “Coast and Seagrass Meadows.” The lovely Fleur Peters from Kangaroo Island Fine Art Gallery remembered me from our last meeting in Kingscote in May when I was with my brother (the islander). As we spoke a little more and I mentioned some info from facebook, a big happy wave of recognition passed over Fleur’s face. She then said “Now I know who you are!” She knew my online persona more than my offline one!

So, three nice surprises in one week! How refreshing life can be.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

I see now that this person is actually taking in refreshment of a different sort. Perhaps the time had come.

How about you. Have you had similar happy intersections of the virtual and the real?

0 thoughts on “three virtual friendships

  1. neowatercolour says:

    Hi P, its lovely to hear of your 3 positive surprises this week, very heart-warming. Wow, Kelly’s 120 days of painting – what a challenge, but great results. An invitation to Rome – Awesome 🙂 and of course, your package of postcards of Sheffield here in UK – how can anyone beat that !

    I think you deserve another glass of wine to celebrate 🙂 V x

  2. Little bits of Sheffield says:

    Hi P,
    I enjoyed reading this post. It sounds like you are having a great week and of course I am pleased to have been a small part of it. Thanks for adding the links in your blog entry. I hope your week continues in a positive vein. I’m with V and think you deserve another glass of wine! Why not…? Best wishes, PC

  3. seascapesaus says:

    Thanks V! perhaps this evening. My bowl of breakfast oats is still beckoning. Lovely to hear your reactions. Of course you know first-hand about Sheffield and PCs art. How lucky am I? Glad you followed up on Kelly Medford – amazing discipline and wonderful output! thanks for joining in. Philippa

  4. artdoesmatter says:

    Your post this evening put a smile on my face. Since it’s 8:45 PM in the evening here, I think I will indulge in a glass of wine too as a toast to you and the great week you’re having. Cheers!

  5. Lois says:

    I have been very lucky because I have had great virtual friendships which then have become real. Two of my greatest friends I originally met virtually… now visits to Coventry and trips to the Netherlands are part of my life!

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