That sounds like a threat. It’s not meant to be, I am talking to myself today (and you are listening in)!

Blogging has changed my life. It has crept in, not taken over but…it has spidery tentacles.

Things have already changed. Saturdays have changed. Mondays, Tuesdays and all the other days have changed.

Every day brings another 40 or so inbox titles to arouse my curiosity. And for my own blog, on Tuesday I am thinking about Wednesday’s post. On Friday and Saturday…well, you know.

I recently had 10 days (3 blogs) leave, which freed up my time and gave me a chance to clear out my inbox. (I still read most of the messages). After another 10 days back on deck, the tide is coming in again, quickly.

So:  for a change I will blog once weekly on Wednesday. And perhaps comments sessions on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. (I love commenting).

Did anyone know I had a blogging schedule? Do you have a schedule for your blog? And how do you handle your inbox?

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
A painting from my saltwater series

0 thoughts on “Things are going to change around here!

  1. Stephen G. Hipperson says:

    I don’t have a schedule as such. I used to have idle moments in my day, where I’d just finished one thing and was waiting for the time to start the next – my blogging dropped in those spaces nicely. Now, with a change in situation, next things don’t have to start to time, but can be run into each other – which means there’s fewer holes to take advantage of. For the moment, I only seem to have time to look at the blogs near the top of my reader, though I try to remember not to refresh the page when I first go on line,
    For me the danger of allocating particular time slots for blogging makes it become a chore, something to be done – that’s not what I want from my blogging, so I will continue to grab a bit of time if I can – if I cannot then I have to give it a miss – spontaneity is my approach.

  2. dianajhale says:

    I don’t really have aschedule except try to do a post once a week. I do comments erratically and look at the reader when I can. I do get some blogs I follow in my inbox but not all! I find it can get very time consuming blogging especially longer posts with a lot of writing! I try to vary them in type – theory, practice, paintings, photos etc.

  3. Stephen G. Hipperson says:

    I found it really time consuming to go through my email notifications and then the notifications section on my blog – there never seemed to be parity between the two. I go through my notifications through the admistrator access to my blog, then hit the reader. Every so often I scan read email notifications to see if I’ve missed anything.
    I actually set up a specific email account to deal with my blog (which has grown to pick up one or two other things now). I have a number of email accounts, which I use for specific things, I found this the easiest way of dealing with the various types of traffic I have.
    What I’m most concerned about is acknowledging comments made on my blog, even though this may amount to just a couple of words, so every so often I’ll trawl through some of my posts to see if I’ll missed anything – I’ve found that the system has acknowledged my reply when I made it but on subsequent inspection, I’ve found nothing has happened – keeping on top of the notifications list is they – if you miss a day, stuff seems to disappear of the bottom.
    What I haven’t sussed yet is how to get a list of those people I follow – I’d like to trawl through that every so often to review work I’ve missed.

  4. seascapesaus says:

    The notifications list is the quickest way to access comments. I might try combining that with the reader and ígnore’ email for a while as that takes many more clicks to access the posts. There is a Blogs I follow list somewhere on the dashboard. It could be what you are looking for. I will let you know when I find it again! thanks for your comments Stephen.

  5. neowatercolour says:

    Hi P, I didn’t know you had a schedule, but your proposal sounds good. Originally I intended to post a small sketch every day, to motivate myself – this proved way too much 🙂 so now its really as and when I can, when I’m “itching” to share something or when I actually finish something ! I hope you will still find space to comment on my blog when you can 🙂 I love the painting from your Saltwater series, very best to you P, V xxx

  6. brushneedleandwhisk says:

    Firstly, I love the painting in your blog above, it’s beautiful. As for a schedule, it’s kind of gone to pot recently as other things have taken over a bit. I try to look at the ‘blogs I follow’ at least every other day and I use the reader to dip into topics that interest me, at the same time. I try to blog a couple of times a week, more when I’m not working. I look forward to reading about how your blogging journey develops 🙂

  7. seascapesaus says:

    I certainly understand that. There have been times when I have posted a weakie just because it was “that day”! better to just be busy – sounds as though you’d agree Helen. Thanks for your comment.

  8. seascapesaus says:

    Thanks for your comments Rachael. It seems you don’t access blogs much via email either. You sound pretty organized and I think you have a fair bit going on in the background – the ‘foreground’ in real life! I understand how you might blog more when not working. Unless I am very disciplined, much of my time is up for grabs now that I am retired.

  9. clinock says:

    My response varies – sometimes I use email and go from latest to earliest, stopping when my email count reaches a particular number – say 30. Sometimes I reverse this. I always respond to the notifications and enjoy replying to these. I find that taking a break always results in a piling up of comments but taking an extended break reduces same. I have noticed that blogs that are out of circulation for a long time lose momentum and their once crowded comments become reduced to almost zero. I try to avoid this. Although it is one way to deal with the problem I imagine it takes as much energy to get up and running again as it does to keep on truckin. I can’t imagine how very popular blogs manage their sometimes hundreds of comments on a regular basis. So it seems to me that it is a constant juggling act. I have a circle of blogging ‘friends’ (including yourself) whom I treasure and want to try to keep in touch with. I suppose that this circle inevitably grows over time and then what?…

  10. seascapesaus says:

    I enjoy the notifications too. It feels like real mail you can sit down to read and answer. I don’t write many letters except to ‘aged’ relatives so perhaps it’s nostalgia! And yes, it is preferable not to lose the momentum of blogging or the circle of friends – isn’t that the Quakers’ other name? nice to hear from you John.

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