The upside of deadlines

Deadlines are killers aren’t they? Well, at a desk job certainly. And perhaps most certainly when you are working for someone else. For an artist it can be different. Time pressure is the essence of plein air painting and sometimes the best results come out of that enforced ‘shorthand’. On the other hand, studio painting can allow luxurious (and challenging) hours of experimentation. Unless of course there is a deadline – a commission, an open studio, exhibition or art fair.

Not a good word really. If you don’t make it what really happens? As much as you want to be swallowed up, you don’t fall dead on the line.

I don’t usually have a glass of wine in my hand. This was a celebration with friends after an open studio session a couple of years ago. It certainly makes studio work look much more relaxed than the outdoor thing! But, that isn’t how we get things done. Give me a deadline. And you?


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