March – Shallows

Time for another wave painting! This time it is “Shallows”, another one inspired by walks on Brighton Jetty on stormy days.

Month of March-wave paintings-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Shallows

On the calendar, the image is a detail of “Shallows”. As you can see below, the painting takes in a long stretch of shoreline. That is part of the excitement of being on the jetty. The high vantage point is so different from the swimmer’s view.

From 5 metres up the whole effect is mesmerising. It is easy to see abstract qualities in all the movement. How I wish the breaking waves were not so fleeting! My compromise is to work in the studio from photographs, with memory adding to the inspiration.

It is a perfect project for a day that is too hot or too rainy for outdoor painting!

March-Shallows-seascapes-wave paintings-Adelaide South Australia-Philippa Robert-Shallows,

Isn’t it great to have choices?

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