A long way from home on a farm with lots of rain, some sheep, kangaroos and a brother (not necessarily in that order) might sound a bit bleak. I am milking it a bit. It’s not all bad! See Kangaroo Island country comfort (below).


But late on Thursday night before the power failed I had a very nice message from a fellow blogger, John Clinock. The proprietor at artratcafe had nominated me for the Awesome Blog Content Award. Thank you!

First a nod to clinock – a great communicator with dry wit and a blog alive with variety ranging from poetry, art interpretation and his own detailed drawings and paintings.

With greatness, responsibility. Of course. With minor stardom, not so much.

I will take my lead from clinock. Rather than 26 alphabetised things about me I will use the letters of my blogtag.

S sensible shoes; E enemy (own worst); A amiable; S solitary (painting) also like solitaire, sudoku; C  coffee, chocolate; A altitude (flying = holidays); P persnickety (according to my US high school host sister); E everyday clothes; S  sesame- 1st computer password; A ambitious and afraid; U untiring until over-tired; S salty, sandy, the Sea.

It seems the most important aim of blogging awards is to facilitate new connections. With my eye on Awesome Content I have chosen these worthy writers. Take a look!

Aline – a really honest writer who dares to challenge much of what is being said out here.  She has an admirable analytical approach to her painting and produces some terrific work. Really connecting.

Liam Rainsford at PictureS – a thoughtful (and generous) painter who explains his decisions and is not afraid to post a video of the entire painting process, with great music.

John Pindar at Notes to the milkman – daring commentator, reports in depth on exhibitions and poses the tricky questions about some of the ‘accepted’ truths about contemporary art.

kopparrox.wordpress.com – a ceramic artist whose lyrical writing offers interesting insights into less-visited parts of European cities from a potter’s viewpoint.

ephemeral gecko – a blog with stacks of exciting colour, presented in very creative ways. Always something happening here!

Mary MacGowan at Plucky Umbrella – This is one quirky, self-effacing very clever person. Her content includes everything from a revealing cartoon self-portrait to a sensitive midnight rendition of a song she wrote. Interesting photographs and sparkling comments.

Kangaroo Island, South Australia
Finally, a different look at Western River Cove Kangaroo Island (painting shown in last blog) taken on Thursday between rainstorms!

0 thoughts on “The ABC of blogging (Award)!

  1. notes to the milkman says:

    Thank you for the nomination. A great honour. Will have to think of my post and the letters from my handle. N will be for ninetysixties music and OT for john OTway, but not sure after that!

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  4. Aline says:

    Most of the time, I am living life as if I am speed-reading, and that includes blog surfing. But I visit a few regulars that contain Awesome Content. I would like to nominate them, but some of them are not WordPress blogs. May I use them anyway to satisfy the requirement that I nominate another five blogs for the ABC award?

  5. seascapesaus says:

    I can’t see why not! Awful if this becomes another chore. It took me about half a day I think adding links etc. Luckily I was on a kind of holiday at the time.

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