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Sunny spots, River Torrens

Sunny spots, River Torrens was painted just on the city side of the Seaview Road bridge over the Torrens at Henley Beach. The day was dull but there were occasional glimpses of bright sunlight through the clouds and it was these elusive moments I set out to capture.

My underpainting was done in a rich reddish purple which was an exciting start and gave the greens extra life. As the painting proceeded however, most of this purple was covered and the most exciting colour element became the glowing red earth against the green and the lime-yellow grass in the sunlight. The grey colour of the river under such a grey sky made another pale purplish contrast to the greens.

I couldn’t paint this scene without adding the horses. They are quite characteristic of this part of the Torrens and add a reference point for the scale of the river and trees.

The painting was started outdoors at Henley Beach but as I had only one session there, it was finished in the studio. The work came a long way from its wild purple beginning, but I feel it managed to maintain the freshness and immediacy of its outdoor origin.

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