There is often a big swell coming in around Easter. The weather can change quickly and sometimes it heralds an early start to winter storms. The fishermen on the local jetties give an indication of what’s going on. They might be throwing in fishing lines or clinging to the railing and hauling in crab nets, or just clinging to the railing.

acrylic seascape, Adelaide South Australia

On Good Friday this year the sea looked a bit like this. While my offsider had an afternoon nap I went off for a walk and braved the wild winds on the Brighton jetty. There were lots of people out enjoying the spectacle of the huge waves. Everyone was wobbling and wavering along in the wind. Parkas were looking puffy. Parents were hanging on tightly to their children. It was like being on the ocean waves without the actual rock n roll.

What you see here was painted two years ago from photos taken on a similarly blustery day. Even sand-bags wouldn’t have held an easel down out there. Canvas kites! I would challenge even the most intrepid artist to paint outdoors in those conditions.

This was a large painting about 75x100cm. The palette was limited – chiefly ultramarine, yellow ochre and white with some violet or red-violet in the mix.

It’s all about the sand and the stirring, with lots of weed tumbling around under the surface. I think the deep khaki colour of the sea is just as interesting as the blues and greens of summer. What colour IS the sea?

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  1. clinock says:

    That is quite some painting, ultra realism, thought it was a photo at first – I admire your skill. Love your writing too…

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