Maurice Sapiro is one of the first bloggers I connected with when seascapes aus began back in March this year.
I think his work is sublime – lovely to look at and fascinating to look into. Here is a recent example:

A clip from Maurice Sapiro’s bio at on the easel
Fascinated by “the moment when nature fuses light and air, and creates a work of art”, Sapiro captures the ethereal, spiritual, magical tones, light and mood of nature. In delicately and subtly applied glazes, his images explore the moods of morning and evening on marshes and rivers of the area.  Still lifes evoke a sense of both mystery and beauty in their hints at abstraction, and occasionally Sapiro takes on the human figure with an eye for the exotic and arresting character.

These works in progress show more of his magic. I often think of Turner as these paintings come up on screen.

Another clip from Sapiro’s bio hints at his range of interests and expertise.
He has published articles and books on clay form modeling methods, built his own harpsichord, taught himself a high level of color photography and did his own color processing.  He has dabbled in inventing and in optics as well, all the while, however, continuing to experiment with painting in watercolor and in oil. (

This is the most direct way I could find to share Maurice’s work, but I am sorry not to have an actual image here.
You can track him down on facebook and Pinterest as well as wordpress.

So, you have had to do some clicking! What did you think?

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