Smaller wave works

Smaller wave works do exist! And are featured in this post, especially for some inquisitive fans. Some are more serene than others as you can see by comparing these two.

Playing in the shallows (20x25cm) FRAMED Was $275, Now $235


Cascading wave (30x30cm) FRAMED Was $370 Now $325

Larger wave paintings give great scope for big brushwork and energetic approaches. The smaller works give impressions of energy too, despite being limited in size and bound in frames.

In preparation for the Open Studio weekend at the end of November, I am assembling wave paintings, finishing what’s on the easel and putting a little show together. It is fun to work to a theme and see how paintings co-exist. Over the past few years I have painted along several leads, but my two main joys remain waves (studio) and outdoor landscapes.

Smaller wave works – past

This post is also a chance to peek at three earlier small wave paintings which went to happy homes in Sydney last year. Not available for the exhibition of course, but for inspiration! These ferry paintings remind me of the times I have enjoyed gazing at wakes and wash on boat trips.

smaller wave paintings-port-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia  smaller wave paintings-starboard-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

“Port” and “Starboard” (sold)

smaller wave works-in the wave's wake-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

“In the wave’s wake” (sold)

Water and waves – definitely a moving target. More soon!


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