“Shoreline stretch” features as the image for September in my 2017 calendar.

September 2017 wave painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Shoreline stretch

Inspiration for this painting came from walks on the Brighton jetty. It captures the outlook to the north, with its expanse of sea, breaking towards the shore.

The image below shows the original painting. It is one of my larger works, with dimensions of 60x90cm .

This painting seems to celebrate the diagonals that often appear in my paintings. I relish the visual energy they bring. In this work they also give structure to the mass of sea and draw the eye towards the distance. This is balanced by the mystery of the water close to the jetty where there are shadows and currents to ponder.

Shoreline stretch-2016-19-seascapes-wave-painting-philippa-robert-adelaide-south-australia-shoreline-stretch
Shoreline stretch; acrylic on canvas; 60x90cm; $1620 unframed

The range of blues and greens is infinite and in this work there are many. Blues dominate the distance while greens work strongest in the foreground.

This painting will be exhibited during SALA in August in Adelaide, unless sold beforehand.
The mini-exhibition will be held at Cafe Lune, 81 Jetty Road, Brighton South Australia. I will provide more details later.


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