Wave paintings on the 2017 calendar

The theme for my 2017 calendar was seascapes and in particular, wave paintings.

They make a great collection in that form, but also individually these paintings are pretty spectacular!

Sizes range from small to large, but most of them are large.

Let me tell you about January.

The painting “At sea level” is one of my personal favourites. I confess to you (and only you!) that it developed in two stages.

The first stage was a beach on the north coast of Tasmania. It might have been Penguin. The sand was blindingly white and the water clear, so the sea colours were a truly beautiful range of cool blues and greens. The effect was like a truly refreshing drink. Imagine something that quenches thirst in one hit! Closest thing I can think of is soda water with a twist of lemon.

Somehow the painting needed something else. I toyed with a few ideas until I was lying face down on the beach one morning watching tiny waves break on the shore. As luck would have it a handsome foot passed by just in time for a photograph. As I said in my book, I don’t think the beach walker realised he would be famous.


I hope you like the painting too. I need to tell you though, that it has just gone to a good home in Massachusetts, USA.

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