Sculptural Shower, Henley Beach


Is it a shower or a sculpture? Why can’t it be both? It was difficult to know what to call this structure, and the painting for that matter! Sculptural Shower seemed to tell the story. I was struck by its ethereal beauty. In the bright light of the summer day the silvery form seemed to shimmer and disappear against the sky. While I was painting the water from the showers came on and off randomly. It was fun to see people’s surprised reactions.

There was a mothers’ exercise class going on behind me and nearby were lots of prams and pushers and waiting toddlers. There was quite a bit of childrens’ noise, not to mention the motivational speeches and the counting. You know the sort: “Only three more to go!” and “You can do it!” Sometimes it seemed appropriate to my painting process, but my nearby colleague and I shared a few chuckles during their session. I think because we couldn’t see what was going on it was even more amusing.

One of the group leaders approached me after the session to ask permission to use a photo she had taken in a community newsletter. Of course! She agreed to send it to me for my use too. Thanks Louisa. You might have seen this image on the website.


On site at Henley Beach foreshore February 2016

In the last year or so the foreshore at Henley Beach has been neatened up with lawns, wavy seats and shelters. There is not universal approval from locals and visitors on the usability or the beauty of the renovations. I haven’t tested the comfort of the wavy wooden seats but you can probably guess that I approve of the Sculptural Shower and the generous shelters.

The painting of the sculptural beach shower is featured in my new book South Australian Seascapes! It is also on sale, 15% off, until 31st May on the website.

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