SALA Update-Open Studio-Philippa Robert--Adelaide South Australia
SALA Open Studio 2016 – and unveiling a new apron!

Weekends with SALA? It makes for a change. The Festival is up and running, so it is time for an update from this corner.

The first two Open Studio weekends were a great success and the weather during three of the four sessions was bright and sunny.

A lot of visitors looked in. Some were old friends and some were new. Many stopped to talk and the afternoons were interesting. A few people were painters (one even had some house painting waiting at home). All were art lovers, enjoying the weather and the small art shows in Adelaide’s suburbs.

SALA Update-Open studio 2016-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
The essential refreshments

A family group arrived while I was painting outside. They had seen my flyer in Copenhagen, the local ice cream shop. I should have guessed! There was quite a bit of evidence on the jumper of young Miss A.

Many people had come via the SALA Guide (Thanks SALA)! And one had come on recommendation from her sister in France. How exciting is that? I am stretching the story a bit there as the sister in France is a school friend and her visiting sister is also a friend. It was a wonderful reunion.

The second weekend wasn’t as sunny, but there were almost as many visitors.

Painting demonstrations

weekends with SALA-still life-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-SALA tulips in progress

It was difficult to continue painting when visitors arrived, so the notion of demonstrations was perhaps a bit ambitious. However, there was work going on. With such an unusually tidy studio I felt the need to paint to show my authenticity. Does that sound a bit odd?

Because of the small size of this space it has to be cleared to fit a few people in. Things are against the walls and masses of clobber is hidden in the adjoining room! I dread bringing it all back in, but that will be my chance for a spring clear-out.

weekends with SALA 2016-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
SALA tulips (draft)

With a grey day on the second Saturday I started an indoor painting (some tulips in bud) and on Sunday when skies were brighter I took the easel outside again to put the finishing touches to the previous weekend’s beach scene. Although the large gates were open I chose to paint the outlook over the small gate as it made a strong frame for the composition.

weekends with SALA 2016-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-SALA gateway draft
SALA gateway (draft)

Weekends with SALA continue!

There are two more weekends with SALA. The weather bureau has forecast showers for this one, so I am not sure what lies ahead for my painting. Perhaps another still life or at least completion of the tulips, buds or not.


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