Recent paintings include seascapes from the driveway! They were outdoors, but I admit I made a bit of a compromise for the Open Studio sessions. I didn’t suffer the elements in the process.

There are three in all, but I will show the first one first. I have signed it for the purpose of showing it here. As far as recent paintings go, it is about 20 minutes since I put down the brush, and that is pretty recent! There may still be work to do.

This first draft shows the stage I left it after the first SALA weekend. still in progress.

recent paintings-2016-SALA-seascapes-Philippa Robert-gateway draft1
Beach gateway SALA draft

And this is the latest version of this recent painting.

Beach gateway – latest

There was some irony in this view. Although the big gates were open I insisted on painting from this restricted viewpoint.

The reason could have been because of my proximity to the studio door. I had 85 people through in the four weekends, so there was a lot going on.

I suspect that the real reason was more likely to be my contrary nature. It catches up with me when I choose compositions.

Thanks for looking in. I will show you some more paintings from the SALA Open Studio soon!


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