collectors’ comments

Collectors’ comments:

“Just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying your painting. The colours, the movement and the feel of it are all that I’d hoped for, and I’m proud to have it grace my wall.” Lee

“So love having your painting and the story behind it, which is so special.” Fiona

“The painting just arrived and is charming–I LOVE it.”  M, purchased online

“Just writing to you to thank you for the wonderful little painting that has come into our hands today. It is such a joy of tonal colours with the sweeping bay and beach as a counterpoint to the soft smudgy hill behind and l love it. l also like the way you have perfectly balanced the cool of the sea with the warm glints of the red rocks of the cliffs behind.”  Neil

“We think it’s terrific. The hardest decision now is where to hang it so everyone else can enjoy it as well….Thanks for capturing the essence of Marino and us!!” Sandi

The word on facebook – Philippa Robert Artist:

“This is lovely! I want to walk on that path and taste the salt in the breeze…” Jane

“I’ve seen many attempts to paint water, but none with the sensitivity you demonstrate in your enchanting paintings! I spent 6 weeks in Australia drove from Sydney to Cape Tribulation your paintings make me long to go back for another tour.” Loretta

“FanTAStic, PER! I’m blown away by how you capture the movement, and the moment!” Emily

“The more i look at your work the more at peace i become, wonderful, fantastic work!” Bill

“Brilliant Philippa- you have really captured the beauty of the ocean and SA coast, very inspirational. Looking forward to seeing your exhibit at Gallery M in March.”  Fiona

“Great idea and beautiful work Philippa. I’m loving the painting I commissioned from you, as does everyone else who sees it.” Lee

“What a way you have with water…. can feel that spray!” Fleur

“I love your swirling seascapes, I feel like I’m right there in the water. Keep them coming, wonderful work!” Kelly


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