A Rare Notion (20x20cm)


“A Rare Notion” 20x20cm; acrylic on linen panel
Framed in charcoal-coloured wood, box-style
$220 AUD. Postage free in Australia.

cafe paintings-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-A rare notion-2018

“A Rare Notion” is named after a shop upstairs in Adelaide Arcade. The model in the antique glass case had fascinated me for weeks while I worked from the balcony 100 metres away. After a few weeks I moved downstairs to paint and ventured down to have a closer look. Her beauty was strange and still and from another age. She almost begged to be painted.

This painting is 20x20cm and is acrylic on linen panel. It is framed in a charcoal-coloured wooden frame, box-style. $220 AUD. Ready to hang, available now.

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 2 cm