Piazza del Popolo; 25x20cm


Piazza del Popolo. Acrylic on linen panel, 25x20cm. Wooden 3 cm frame, flat profile, matte finish – black, white or pale/blonde wood. This piazza in Rome was glimpsed through a bus window. I am not sure how many of these people were tourists but it was certainly a place of the people. The gateway dwarfed the visitors and beyond, people looked like ants thronging in the vast space. The elegant architecture made a beautiful backdrop. Of course as the bus rolled by I had no idea of the name of the piazza. We were on the way to the airport and there was no kindly guide telling us these things. Google helped when I got home. It was nice to be able to name the place – somehow it made the experience more real, less virtual.

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Dimensions 25 × 30 × 4 cm