Cool harmonies with Martina (90x60cm)


“Cool harmonies with Martina” shows cafe staff and a regular customer keeping an eye on proceedings. Italian voices are raised and Martina adds her artistic ideas and settles things down – hence cool harmonies. 
Dimensions are 91x61cm, approximately 36×24″.
Available now for $AUD800.


cafe paintings-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Cool harmonies with Martina-2018

“Cool harmonies with Martina” is a large acrylic painting on Belgian linen.
Dimensions are 91x61cm, approximately 36×24″- almost the largest in this group.
The 4cm sides are painted in a cool grey to tone with the painting and to blend with your decor.
Available now for $AUD800.

Dimensions 66 × 61 × 4 cm