Over the sandhill

Here is a snippet from my book of South Australian Seascapes, featuring this large painting, “Over the sandhill”.


Beach-goers walking over the sand towards the sea make an interesting group. Of course we don’t often see everyone going in the same direction, but after all, this is imaginary. The parents are laden and the children run freely ahead. On the way back home the children are the ones who lag, tired. And the parents are still laden.

The pastel colours of summer clothes and beach gear sit well with the cool blues and creamy sand. The distant sea beckons all comers to cross that sand, however hot it might be and however heavy the load!

Although this painting reflects a truly summery scene, it can give a nice feeling of warmth on a wintry day. In some ways it might be a winter favourite! It must be something about the glowing sand. What do you think?

PS: With my Painting Sale on at the moment, “Over the sandhill” is 15% off the normal price! Dimensions 60cmx90cm; acrylic on stretched canvas.

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