Outdoor seaside painting is still on the agenda. The weather is cooling but holding steady-ish.

At the end of March the Fresh Air Friday group convened around our place near the beach. It was a great feeling to have a paint-out in your own precinct. Even one of my neighbours pronounced delightedly that the beach had been taken over by artists! I think one of the great things was that it made me feel a bit less of an oddity.

transition to outdoors-art tuition-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor painting

The address had been written wrongly on the schedule for this block of three Fridays. One member of the group knocked on the door at the wrong address and gave my name. At first the response was “No, I don’t know anybody by that name.” And then, “Oh yes, she’s the artist I see on the beach. She has a studio further down the road, that way.” How about that? A bit affirming, the whole morning.

And the painting?

Week 1

Just lately I have been using oils out there. The weather was overcast on the first Friday. Here is a progress shot taken at the end of that session.

2017 wip-outdoor seaside painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-beside the dunes v1
version one

Week 2

And this photo taken after the second session shows what a difference light makes to the subject. One of the golden rules of outdoor painting is to remember the initial reason you chose this composition. That means to mentally record the visual details that impressed you enough to want to paint it.  It is usually all about the way the light adds drama to the subject matter. The point of remembering is to persist with the initial vision, by the way!

A week is a long time.

2017-27-outdoor seaside painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-beside the dunes v2
version two

As you can see, the light in the second session was so different that it became a completely different painting. With a different mood.

In fact it could have been two paintings, if I had persisted a little longer at the first session. But the “ifs” are yesterday’s business, not today’s.

The lesson

So, the lesson for me is: Get going! Get it painted in one session.

Time to replace my L-Plate with oils with a P-Plate and just get on with it.



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