Dear readers, We are open for art business again!

Open for business-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Cafe Lune

Everyone has an IT story to tell. Such stories usually include wringing of hands and rolling of eyes from audience and narrator alike. I am not going to tell mine, except that it ended well. Now you can see the padlock icon next to the site address.

With winter off the calendar (despite some lingering sky signs) it is time to pick things up again.

art business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia


During the down-time my leaflets about CLASSES were impossible to follow-up via the website. Here’s a second chance! Click on that CLASSES button above for more information.

I apologise if you tried to do this last week. Then again if you did try, you probably would have abandoned me and not be reading this. But I won’t go down that rabbit hole. Here we are again.

exhibition preparation-seascapes-Philippa Robert-Cafe Lune-feature painting.jpgSMLR

In the meantime, my seascapes are still hanging at Cafe Lune. Just a little under a week to go. Cards and books available too. Drop in if you can!

art business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia


One thought on “Open for art business – info on classes

  1. SPQ887 says:

    I am painting in-house (at Cafe Lune, 81 Jetty Road Brighton) as pictured – and expect to be doing more painting of diners and coffee-drinkers next Wednesday morning, 13th September too. Feel free to visit in person!

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