New art product

A new art product designed with you in mind. Really!

I have been thinking a lot about you lately. Wondering what everyday problem I can help you with. In an “adding beauty” kind of way, because that’s my thing.

I had a hunch that your smartphone looks less than smart at times, after a few uses even. Those pesky fingerprints we use to open it up and work our magic seem to hang around a bit too long.

You know deep-down that you should probably spend a bit more time looking AFTER your tech-y things, not just looking AT them.

I have the answer for you, in one tiny package!

Something beautiful to behold and soft to touch. And it features a Philippa Robert seascape.

So, what is the new art product?

Here it is!

2017-microfibre cleaning cloth-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-At sea level

Everything I promised in a microfibre cleaning cloth, 15x15cm.How neat is that? And just $8.

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