Yesterday morning was clear with a rising breeze, so it was time to try out my sandbag weights. My visiting (Kangaroo Island) brother suggested using just one central one so here it is!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
Sandbag weights are recommended by Roos Schuring in the Netherlands. It is a clever idea because the bags are light to carry and of course you leave the sand behind. Roos paints seascapes on location in all weather conditions!

Here is a closer up image of yesterday’s painting. Hand-held pic, so a bit blurry. I have decided to blog while it is still fresh.

Philippa Robert
Towards Marino
Still some studio tweaking to do. When will I get over this? I suspect when every decision I make on location is the right one! It will be nice to come home and see that the tone is making sense as well as the colour and that the composition knits or sings or does something harmonious.

It was hot and breezy out there. I was making decisions hastily as the paint was drying quickly on the palette and the brush. Quite a few neighbours passed on their way for a swim. After two hours I gave in and did the same. Delightful!

And the sandbag? Only once did the whole contraption rock in the breeze. I topped up the sand a bit and that fixed that! Do you have any tips for stabilising the easel in other locations? What’s your ‘secret’?

0 thoughts on “more outdoors

  1. Patti Kuche says:

    Do you have to “get over it” Philippa? That you have pulled from the wider view the harmonious patch on your canvas is so embracing, and comforting/

  2. seascapesaus says:

    Perhaps it’s just hair-shirt mentality! Gotta be tough on myself to prove I’m not soft on myself…Seeing the little picture next to the big ‘scape was revealing. Better than I thought from all that information! Thank you for your reaction Patti.

  3. artdoesmatter says:

    I think “Towards Marino” may be one of my all-time faves of your work, Philippa. I love the warm orangey and brown tones of those houses that compliment the seascape. Lovely work!

  4. Lois says:

    What a great idea using sandbags… I must mention it to my husband; I don’t know if he and his art group have any plans to go to the beach (300yards away) but maybe they should!

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