2013-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Village rooftops, Alsace
Village rooftops, Alsace; 20x25cm, (private collection)


2013-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Village church, Alsace
Village church, Alsace; (25x20cm) was $300, now $270


2013-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Alsace hillside

Alsace hillside; 25x20cm (private collection)

More landscapes from Europe

Landscapes are tantalising subjects. For the artist, locality really has little to do with it, except when there is an exotic element. I am playing on that here!

I painted these three landscapes in the Alsace during a sunny holiday week with friends. How lovely does that sound? Even more so on such a wild wintry day as this. The memories are great to have and some of the recording was in paint!

The Alsace is an interesting area with a history of flexible borders between Germany and France. In some parts it can be either French or German. We had just come from Paris and were in the habit of polite greetings before any transaction. A local villager responded to my “bon jour” with a blank look…hmm perhaps not French.

The village we stayed in was tiny and rambling. High mountainsides surrounded us and the views were very picturesque. The roads around and towards the edges of the town were mostly un-surfaced and steep. These three paintings show a bit of the layout and the special charm. I am only sorry you can’t hear the lead cow bell as we did during the evenings when the cows wandered through the village orchards nears us. Someone purchased two of these landscapes from Europe as a wedding present – one remains available. And two of them will be featured in my new book of landscapes – not the same two. That is for you to guess or wait to find out!

And, more about the “tantalising” nature of landscapes another time. Now that’s tantalising…





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