More hedges! I think I warned you how entranced I was.

And more oils. Yes, I am persisting.

Here are my two hedge paintings at Stage 1 several weeks ago.

More hedges-outdoor painting-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-works in progress

More hedges – as works in progress

At the early stage shown here there are stark contrasts between the two. The painting on the left has a more dynamic composition while the other one has great colour interest.

As you can see below, the blue car and the hedge gained more definition last week. Despite it being a “front-on” almost ordinary sort of composition, I think the colour contrast made up for it. And further joy for me is in the juxtaposition of metallic and leafy. It’s another example of my interest in built and natural elements in a painting.

More hedges-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia- 2016

This one has a certain zing, doesn’t it? Bright blue cars have their advantages. After this I added a little more green (to the painting) with the overhanging bough of a mulberry tree.

more hedges-outdoor painting-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-hedge and car2016
Hedge 2 (almost complete)

The challenge will be to make them as exciting as each other. In theory it is best to choose a dynamic composition with great colour interest. Would that make it too easy? Or would it be a complete fluke? There is a bit of skill in choosing a composition and also skill in making one work. That’s what our Artistic License is for!

more hedges-outdoor painting-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-hedge3-2016

Hedge 3 (wip)

With this one, I need to think more clearly about the tone. I am hoping for good weather next week. Good for thinking and good for painting. No strong wind please Hughie!

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