Moonlight Mystery

Moonlight Mystery-landscapes-outdoor painting-Adelaide South Australia-Philippa Robert
Moonlight Mystery; acrylic on canvas, 25x30cm, $AUD430

The featured landscape today is “Moonlight Mystery”. This is a painting with a history.

One sunny day on the other side of town (the leafy side) I was painting a very large pine tree and its shade pattern. It was an exercise in grass greens and shadowy blues. The work was developing as a fairly abstract piece with not much detail in the background.

I was on the outer edge of the park because I needed to leave early for a funeral service, so I chose this composition quickly.

Leaving early meant that the painting was about half-way along. I put it aside for a year or so and when it re-emerged, it was difficult to complete in the studio in its daylight format.

When it came back out into the light and onto the easel again, the shadows deepened and the light cooled. It had to be Moonlight!

“Moonlight Mystery” is acrylic on stretched canvas, framed in black wood. It is selling at $430, with a special offer for subscribers at $390. Subscribe below and buy now to make the discount yours!

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