Melbourne is famous for its laneways. Some have central rows of seating under umbrellas, some are flanked by small dark cafes. Many flaunt colourful street art. In Fitzroy there is a particular cobble-stoned lane used a lot in films, usually in scenes of dark deeds. In daylight things look different.

Philippa Robert

While that was benign (it reminded me of Patricia Piccinini’s work) others looked downright scary:

Philippa Robert

I am AFRAID I’m unable to give credit to the artists!

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  1. seascapesaus says:

    There are some more images, not great, but I could try an occasional post. The ones in that lane were actually quite scary, even in daylight! Melbourne is THE Australian capital for street art. Thanks for your interest John.

  2. clinock says:

    Thank you Philippa – I am interested to see if Australian street images are different than those on north America – I imagine not as the age group of street artists tends toward similar concerns, at least in first world countries and most have access to the web…

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