Presenting the May seascape. Another for you in my series from the 2017 calendar.

May seascape-wave painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

The origin of Winter wave

Our winter of 2016 produced many storms, including some huge winds, rain and high tides, even as late as December. This sandy water was characteristic of our suburban shores in those storms. May was still warm so technically this is not a May seascape. But as the weather often turns by then, it fits the bill for a calendar.

May-Winter wave-fresh-2016-23-seascapes-wave-painting-philippa-robert-adelaide-south-australia-winter-wave

I have a progress shot of this painting in the archive. Would you like to see it?
Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you. Just hoping it was a “yes”…

seascape-May wave painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-winter wave

This photograph is an early one. It is interesting to see that the violet persisted through to the finished work. It doesn’t always happen.

Like any work, professional painting has to go on in all conditions and states of mind. And results and processes vary!

The muse or not the muse

Sometimes I have colourful under-painting which disappears under layers of decisions. Perhaps they are the days when the muse hasn’t gripped me, or perhaps gripped me too late!

In this one I planned to take several progress pics but forgot all about that as work went on. Evidence for late gripping by the muse perhaps.

What’s your guess?

Or your experience with the elusive muse?



2 thoughts on “May seascape – Winter wave (25x30cm)

  1. john clinock says:

    Hi Philippa, good to hear from you, it’s been awhile. Your blog has changed format like mine has, but you are into serious professional mode, with Captcha et al! Hope you are selling and beginning to make a living from all your efforts. I am in awe of your recent paintings…

  2. Philippa Robert says:

    Thanks John for your visit and your comments! A few renos have been going on here too, as at yours. Unlike you I haven’t found any clay, but did find some sketch books. PS: Captcha and I are glad you are not a robot.

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