Art Tuition

After a successful year of classes in 2017 I have decided to take a break.

All the information about art tuition is here if you are interested. Please get in touch via the Contact page if you would like to register your interest for future classes.

Art tuition overview

There are many forms of art education. My background as a trained art teacher supports and informs my present career as an independent art worker. However, I am doing things differently as a teacher these days.

Smaller classes, willing participants, happier teacher and happier students!

from studio to beach-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Transition to outdoors 2017
Transition to Outdoors class Feb-Mar 2017

I want to share all the shortcuts and gems (important things) I have learned over many years of painting, The last eight years have been my most concentrated working period. So some of my learning is fresh; other aspects are enduring and well-tested. There are always new things to learn and try. I hope you can join me for some sessions!

My classes are set up in short intensive bursts that are designed to provide a foundation and “push you onwards” into your own work with a new energy.

Art tuition in three tiers

The first is Painting from a photograph  – 4 lessons of 3 hours each. These classes have been completed for 2017.

The second tier is Steps to Outdoor Painting – 3 sessions: 1 is 90 mins studio-based and the other two are 3 hours outdoors. These classes have been completed for 2017.

The third is Arty Afternoon Tea – These are fun for small groups, featuring an art technique and a delicious cake! Cake etc now finished for 2017.