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We have so little time for ourselves these days, especially for the things we are told will make us healthier and happier. If you are thinking of things like exercise, healthy eating, home-cooking or meditation we are a bit in tune. So…?

You can do something simple for yourself. Create a personalised space as a haven. A space for rest, refreshment and revival. A sort-of blissful “time-out” corner where you can lose yourself in an artwork and perhaps other precious objects. For a few minutes or longer, you can leave your busy-ness. Reflection can alter your feelings and your mood.

A piece of art can help you achieve this. Where would we be without this rich vein of shared humanity?

Browse and see. Perhaps you will find a favourite here!


  cafe paintings-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Working with circles-2018     2017-outdoor painting-streetscape-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Whitewater Hotel

Artist bio

Born in Waikerie South Australia, I have lived also in Darwin NT, Clare SA, Lynchburg Virginia USA, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Although I have had several careers, “artist” has been the happiest and most enduring. I trained as an art teacher at the South Australian School of Art, but soon found that high school classrooms were not for me. My painting history spans more than 40 years. Among my teachers are Geoff Wilson who taught me the elements of composition and design in the late 1960s and David Dallwitz who taught me to paint figures in the late 1980s. With Dave’s encouragement I have been painting in earnest since then. He is no longer with us but his fearless approach is still strong in my memory.

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