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One way to meet the artist is a photograph. This one is taken at an Open Studio event a couple of years ago. There have been a few changes since then. For one, this apron is no longer pristine.
Another way to meet the artist is the Bio. So, here goes!

Born in Waikerie South Australia, I have lived also in Darwin NT, Clare SA, Lynchburg Virginia USA, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide. Although I have had several careers, “artist” has been the happiest and most enduring. I trained as an art teacher at the South Australian School of Art, but soon found that high school classrooms were not for me. My painting history spans more than 40 years. Among my teachers are Geoff Wilson who taught me the elements of composition and design in the late 1960s and David Dallwitz who taught me to paint figures in the late 1980s. With Dave’s encouragement I have been painting in earnest since then. He is no longer with us but his fearless approach is still strong in my memory.

What you can expect

When you purchase an item from this site you can expect great service and guarantees. A wide range of artwork is available to suit every budget. There are small and large paintings, framed (portraits) or unframed and ready to send. A small range of cards and art books can be ordered. You can use PayPal as a guest.

Are you time-poor? Need to pamper yourself?

You can do it simply with art! Create a personal haven in a small space where you can take short spells for rest, refreshment and revival.

Art is part of our shared humanity.
It can speak to us deeply. It can lift us out of present concerns.

     Happy seascape-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert;-Adelaide South Australia

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