Philippa Robert

My biography here is brief, but these notes will help you understand what drives me. It all started with my love of drawing many years ago before I went to school.

These days I love to paint, outdoors if possible. It is an added bonus to be out surrounded by my subject matter. That’s how it feels to experience it at first hand and record it. Weather and other factors send me back to the studio which is a very comforting shell when I want to retreat. I like to paint the unusual sights at close range as well as the big vistas. There are joys and surprises joy in the small things that otherwise go unnoticed. When my eye is really tuned in, I see compositions everywhere. No need for big excursions, subject matter is all around.

Montefiore Messsage (SOLD)

Every picture seems to have a story. My art books have arisen out of that. I love to sharing images with their background stories.

I work to bring you a new viewpoint – to let you see things through an artist’s eyes. My paintings are created for you to pause and ponder. Take the time, treat yourself and linger over them. Collectors say they see something new in my paintings every time they look.


Born in Waikerie South Australia, I have lived also in Darwin NT, Clare SA, Lynchburg Va USA, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Although I have had several careers, “artist” has been the happiest and most enduring. I trained as an art teacher at the South Australian School of Art, but found that schools were not for me.

Smaller groups in the studio are more my thing these days. I teach CLASSES as the demand arises. CONTACT ME if you are interested, and live in Adelaide.

On-line classes are planned for the future.

3D: Dave Dallwitz Drawing

My painting history spans more than 40 years. In that time I have enjoyed drawing in ink, pencil and charcoal and painting in water-colour and acrylics.

I don’t play golf, but from what I have heard outdoor painting can be a little bit like that sort of addiction. You are pitting yourself against yourself – building on what you learned in the last session and trying to improve some more. It can be challenging, difficult and at times disastrous. But when it works it is exciting!

I have been lucky enough to have exhibited in solo as well as group shows, in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney. My two solo shows have been held in Adelaide which is very much my home town now.

Time flies when I paint, but life goes on too! It is quite a challenge to juggle everything but pursuit of anything worthwhile requires some give-and-take. Somewhere in there lies life’s meaning.