Good weather at last! With more sun and more joy in the heart it was time to venture outdoors to paint again recently.

Good weather for painting-Brighton streetscape-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia 2016
Brighton streetscape

The kit was a bit dusty and I mended the trolley with a new band or two of reinforcing tape and an ocky strap. My habit of dragging it through sand is not the best recipe for plastic boxes on small plastic wheels.

Strange how temporary fixes become semi-permanent. I must curtail that trend before I become covered with tape and ocky straps myself!

Spring dropped massive storms and a power blackout on us, so we talk about the weather a bit more than usual around here. It has been less predictable this year or perhaps just more extreme than predicted. I don’t think Adelaide is an orphan in this.

So, It has been great to get out.

Brighton’s Jetty Road is a great place to paint. Busy, but it’s a very friendly atmosphere. This might be the start of a series. It will be an exercise in simplification! As you can see that was one of the battles I fought in the painting above.

Good weather for painting-2016-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Walkerville 1
Walkerville 1 (wip)

This Walkerville painting emerged from a long-held fascination with the contrast between built and natural elements in the environment. I loved the regularity of the architecture and the colours. And it offered a certain simplicity too after Jetty Road! It looked almost like a ready-made composition. We are due back at Howie Reserve for another two Fridays. This painting needs to sit a bit so and the last week is 23rd of December! I am not sure whether it will get the time it needs. We’ll see.

As I turned back for lunch last week I saw a very sculptural aloe or was it a yucca? Whatever the plant was, it presented a lovely zig-zag of diagonals. After a session on rectangles it looked inviting. Good weather makes everything seem possible!

Perhaps the other one will sit forever.



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