Painting…that’s what I’m here for!
So I’ve got to get some going again. It feels like ages since I had any flow. The (SALA) open studio door meant only bits n pieces of work going on. Lovely to meet the people but PR is quite difficult for someone who is used to solitary confinement (albeit voluntary).

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Over the past two days the studio has been fully returned to its former glory. The TV is back in the corner. Why do I need that? Apart from jamming up the space in the storage room behind the studio, there is nowhere else to store this hulk (and the CD player lurks in its supporting cabinet). Folders and assorted stationery are back on the desk. Power-boards and cords have drizzled their black lines over the desk-top again.
There HAS been an important improvement to amenities as an outcome of the Open Days.  The traymobile remains!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

So, from this Friday I will be diving back into the sea – with the support of the refreshments trolley.
Two immediate calls to action before mid September: Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Annual Art for Sharks Charity Auction and Kangaroo Island Art Feast.
I plan to keep a ‘commenting’ eye on your blogs (if that’s feasible) but will give my blog a bit of a tea-break.
See you in 10 days!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

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  1. neowatercolour says:

    Hi P, Have a great tea-break, though you may have already “gone” by the time you get this – here’s wishing you lots of “flow”, have a splendid time 🙂 V x

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