Atelier Robert was really humming yesterday and probably did my best work in the morning. At the end of the day (9 pots of jam made in the early morning) I thought I had finished all four Christmas gifts. After all our party guests had gone at 11.30pm I went to check on the fourth and realised that one eye needs attention and the whole thing might need more paint!

Today I will post poor little number one, F, who has had so many reworkings he is almost worn out. When the likeness becomes too important the painting suffers. Anyway, I have learned a couple of things from the whole performance and will reveal them later…

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia





Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

As I said, poor little thing! He would never had stood for all this, or sat for it.
The early drawings are a better likeness than the painting. I have also been working from b&w photos, to encourage my tonal vision. Just concocted that name – sounds awfully like tunnel vision doesn’t it?

Oh well, onto finishing Mr W, number 4.


0 thoughts on “Christmas gifts 2

  1. neowatercolour says:

    I really enjoyed seeing your Christmas Gifts emerge P. An inspiring performance and I’m looking forward to hearing your lessons learnt 🙂 Merry Christmas to you, Victoria xx

  2. seascapesaus says:

    Thank you V! And best wishes for Christmas to you too. I will keep you ‘posted.’ The lessons are in Christmas Gifts 3 – but today I could only remember one. The others will emerge later. Thanks for your interest in such things!

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