Children’s Painted Portraits

Do you ever feel as if the most precious memories are the hardest to hold? Or that they slip away too quickly? 
You are not alone! 

Sometimes we look away and look back to find that the children in the family have suddenly grown into another stage.
As that happens, we can feel left behind or that we are losing them. Yes, it’s important to let go, but how precious is that elusive early connection with us.

Time passes. But what if we could press the Pause button?

Art can do just that!

How would you feel if you could preserve your memories in a painting? 
Or that you can also have a personalised story-book as part of the package? You can with these portrait packages!

“Having the painting on the wall and reflecting on all it means, but also just picking up the book brings happy moments. A complete package!” Lyn P.

There are TWO beautiful Portrait Packages for you to choose from. Want to know more? 

children's portraits-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Essential Portrait Package 

The Essential package includes

  • the child’s portrait painted on stretched canvas
  • canvas maximum dimensions of 60x45cm
  • framed and ready to hang
  • a story-book printed in a soft-cover format as well as the print-ready pdf.

This painting is the ideal size for a bedroom or study. 

The book tells about the child as you see them, their favourite things and special habits or sayings. You will enjoy contributing your photos and ideas to make the book unique experience and especially meaningful for you and your family. My comments about the developing painting will also form part of the story. The images will be selected from the ones you submit as well as progress shots of the painting. If possible, I will visit to take my own photographs.

The value of the complete package is immeasurable. I use only high quality materials which can be expected to last for decades. The painting can become part of the family legacy, just like these pearls.

What? No pearls? Think pearls of wisdom then.

Imagine the future of this painted portrait. People will gaze at it, wonder about this child and what became of her. The book will give them some answers and perhaps more questions. And, next stop – the Family Tree! It could be the start of a wonderful journey of exploration.  

The cost for the Essential Package is $747.

There is a lot of love in this work, right from the moment you dream of the portrait. Our initial conversation and follow-up questionnaire will highlight the special qualities of the child and your relationship. The painting, the book and delivery day. Such a thrill to share!   

If that appeals to you and you would like to talk some more about it or discuss your ideas, give me a call. Mobile in Australia: 0477 952 620

On the other hand, if you have more space and would like a larger work with a hard-cover book as a show-piece……read on!

Premium Portrait Package

  • Portrait painted on stretched linen
  • medium sized portrait – with largest dimensions in any direction 100cm
  • framed as you choose, and ready to hang
  • A story-book printed in luxury format
  • A video summarising the artist’s thoughts and experiences in creating the work.

The Premium Package Includes a hard cover picture book. As in the Essential Package, the book is compiled of photographs you submitted, quotations from our conversations and answers to a questionnaire. And…snippets from the artist about the painting process and images of the portrait as it evolves on the easel. But this time it is printed with a hard cover, with beautiful paper. Lovely to hold, a real pleasure to share.

With this package you receive everything the Essential Package has, with enhancements!

You will have a larger portrait with greater impact. You will be delighted by look of the finished portrait in its frame and will enjoy the luxury feel of the hard-cover story book. Artist comments in a video make an interesting addition to this package – they will highlight some of the decisions made about colour and composition as well as other elements considered during the painting process.

The Premium Portrait Package is priced at $1223.

children's portraits-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

So exactly what’s involved?

Everything begins with a telephone conversation at no charge to you, no matter which Package you are considering or want to discuss. At this time we establish what you would like from the process and whether we can work together to achieve the first steps towards bringing your dream to reality. My solo job will be the painting of course! 

If you decide to proceed, a deposit is due then. This will vary according to which package you choose but it amounts to approximately 1/3 of the total price ($250 and $410).

The next steps are……(Green is YOU; Purple is ME)

  1. You complete a questionnaire to provide background information about the child subject for the painting.
  2. I visit to take photographs if that is possible; you submit some of your favourite images to be used for the book and to inform the painting.
  3. Reflection and early drawings are next for me. We discuss early ideas for the composition.
  4. Painting the portrait.
  5. Book preparation: I compile your comments and mine into book format with images of the child and the painting in progress. 
  6. Final payment is due.($497 for Essential or $813 for Premium)
  7. Painting is sent to framer; you will be consulted if you wish.
  8. Book finalised and printed at this time. 
  9. Video preparation for Premium package
  10. Your package will be dispatched 6-7 weeks after the questionnaire is submitted. Packaging, postage and or courier will be additional costs for you. In Adelaide you may be able to collect or arrange for a personal home delivery.

A few weeks after delivery, I will be in touch to hear about the impact the painting has made, what people are saying and how you are feeling about it and the story book.

At that time I will also ask if you know anyone who might consider a portrait with a story book for their family.
My business depends heavily on word-of-mouth or referrals, so I am a bit shameless about this!