Beginners’ art classes! Are they for you?



I am convinced that there are many kinds of “beginners”.

An “outright beginner” is probably rare. There are all sorts of ways to try out your art skills these days with how-to books, on-line tips and video classes. The chances are, if finances allow, that almost everyone who wants to, might give art a bit of a shot in some form or other.


A beginner can be someone who is keen to have a really good try at something newish.
They might be looking for some intense exposure to art.
They may have tried or made goals in that direction in times past.
Or they may still dream of trying it “when there is more time”.

It can take all sorts of starters to make up such a class.
Despite these different starting points, the unifying thing is the shared interest and eagerness to try different approaches.

So, Beginners’ art classes. Are they for you?

Still time to look at the details and enrol!

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