April wave painting – A slice of ocean

A slice of ocean

The April wave painting is “A slice of ocean”. This work is unusual in that it is quite small (20x25cm).

April-wave painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert- Adelaide South Australia-A slice of ocean

Inspired by a ferry’s wake, this slice depicts the curve of two wake waves. The turmoil of the water close to the ferry is contrasted with the lines of wake as they stretch and diminish.

The colours out in the deep are so different to the sandy creams and icy aqua close to the shore. The same salt water but what a difference! It may sound too obvious but these are my visual thrills – on the shore or in the deep. An admission here: in the deep means for me safely on board a vessel. I too have fears!  

April wave painting-seascapes-Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
A slice of ocean; (20x25cm) SOLD

This painting has had two lives. It was exhibited in Sydney in 2015. When it returned home to Adelaide after its outing, I could see two eyes looking back at me from its shapes. Once you see that, there is no going back. It is a bit like finding the crone or the damsel in the tests of visual perception. So difficult to find the alternative.

A rework improved it all round and took out the glaring eyes. In its new form it became a 40th birthday present. Double success !

The other good news is that even though this one has sold, there are more small seascapes here.

Smaller wave works – paintings, past and present

Smaller wave works

Smaller wave works do exist! And are featured in this post, especially for some inquisitive fans. Some are more serene than others as you can see by comparing these two.

Playing in the shallows (20x25cm) FRAMED Was $275, Now $235


Cascading wave (30x30cm) FRAMED Was $370 Now $325

Larger wave paintings give great scope for big brushwork and energetic approaches. The smaller works give impressions of energy too, despite being limited in size and bound in frames.

In preparation for the Open Studio weekend at the end of November, I am assembling wave paintings, finishing what’s on the easel and putting a little show together. It is fun to work to a theme and see how paintings co-exist. Over the past few years I have painted along several leads, but my two main joys remain waves (studio) and outdoor landscapes.

Smaller wave works – past

This post is also a chance to peek at three earlier small wave paintings which went to happy homes in Sydney last year. Not available for the exhibition of course, but for inspiration! These ferry paintings remind me of the times I have enjoyed gazing at wakes and wash on boat trips.

smaller wave paintings-port-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia  smaller wave paintings-starboard-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

“Port” and “Starboard” (sold)

smaller wave works-in the wave's wake-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

“In the wave’s wake” (sold)

Water and waves – definitely a moving target. More soon!


Making waves for you, in paint. Special feature

2016-15-seascapes-wave painting-AdelaideSouthAustralia-PhilippaRobert-BouncingBowWave
2015-seascapes-wave painting-Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia-playing in the shallows
Playing in the shallows.

Making waves

My old friends will remember “Making Waves” as the name of my first newsletter. It felt like a good name for painting news at the time as much of my work was focused on Waves, Wash and Wake.
Well here we are again with the same rich source of imagery – water in its elemental state.

At the moment I am running a terrific offer on Wave Paintings.

Most of them are medium to large in size – up to 1 or 1.5 metres for their largest dimension and unframed.  A few are small – 20x25cm and are framed..

Special offer!

Until 25th November they will all be 15% off their normal price. From that time the prices will revert to normal again online.

If you can visit my Open Studio planned for 26th-27th November you will still be able to pick up a bargain in person!

2016-15-seascapes-wave painting-AdelaideSouthAustralia-PhilippaRobert-BouncingBowWave
Bouncing bow wave

A wave painting makes a spectacular single feature on your wall. It can bring hours of enjoyment through its mysteries, the surface and the depths.

And great value at the moment at 15% off. They may never be available at these prices again!  WAVE PAINTINGS HERE