Small outdoor landscapes on sale

outdoor painting-philippa Robert-whitewater bridge-2017

Small outdoor landscapes to love are in the spotlight for you until mid-July. They offer little patches of colour and light to make your space sparkle. Have you seen these glimpses of Adelaide and summer-time in England?

My home “curator” has hung a line of them on our salon-hung living room wall and they look really dense and lively with colour and contrasts.

Small outdoor landscapes-Outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-whitewater bridge-2017-framed

This one “Whitewater Hotel, Newby Bridge” is one of my favourites. The dark tones are in ultramarine and prussian blues which I still feel drawn to. I was inspired by the lovely contrast between the local whitewashed buildings and the greenery.

It is neat and petite, 12.5×17.5cm without the frame but really packs a punch. Full-priced at $150, Whitewater Hotel, Newby Bridge is on sale now for 10% off – just $135.

To paint this work I stood on a footpath near the bridge edged with the dry-stone wall. The road was quite busy at the time as people were off to work on this early summer morning. I met the breakfast chef as he arrived cheerfully for duty (on foot). After a couple of hours work I returned to our cottage for a breakfast cooked by Martin, our host and chef. What a nice start to the day before our cruise on Lake Windermere.

Have you visited the Lakes District?

Mid-month madness – landscapes sale

Landscapes sale! Somehow July always gets the gig for this feature. It’s mid-way through the year and summer feels so far away. It just isn’t as easy to be outdoors painting landscapes right now. OK, call me faint-hearted.

This year I am starting a little earlier. Mid-year, mid-June. That’s why I am calling it mid-month madness.
Perhaps it’s the winter solstice that sends me a bit crazy? Anyway…
The website is set up for you to find a little painting to love.

From Tuesday 19th June to midnight Monday 16th July I am giving you a chance to start your art collection. Modestly.
If you have already started a collection, you have a perfect opportunity to add to it. Modestly.

So, what are these landscapes?

These little beauties have not been openly exhibited before.
Take a peek here.

landscapes sale-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Harton hedge. 12.5×17.5cm; acrylic, framed.

They have been seen in calendars and an Open Studio weekend, but all in all they have not seen much daylight. Except as they were being created – these are outdoor paintings after all. Most of them were painted on a recent trip to the UK and yes, there was sunlight.
They mark my change last year to a much more colourful palette. There is a certain joy about these. And a directness.

That’s a good start.
Now, all they need are….

New homes to settle in!

New homes can be old places of course. They can be flats or rooms or even a desk.

outdoor painting-landscapes sale-philippa robert-whitewater hotel with pen-2017
Whitewater Hotel, Cumbria. 12.5×17.5cm; acrylic, framed

One of the special features that makes these paintings easy to live with is their size.
They start at 10x15cm. The next size is 12.5×17.5cm. Still easy to live with.
They don’t dominate your space, but they do make it more interesting.
The image above of Whitewater Hotel is shown framed. The length of the pen is actually the height of the painting.
Hence propping on the desk IS a possibility.

So, their small size is a big plus!

Are they affordable?

You may already know that my prices are reasonable. My high end items reach over $1,000 but not much more. They measure up to 100cms in any direction.

And these littlies? They are normally $120 and upwards but – and this is where the madness comes in – during this landscape sale they will be selling at 10% off that price.

Very small prices.

landscapes-sale-2017-Marion's Florist-outdoor painting-streetscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Marion’s Florist, South Shields; 12.5×17.5cm, acrylic, framed.

It’s a great way to start your collection (or add to it). Or it might even be time to put a gift away for your “special someone”.

Any hidden extras?

Only good ones!
At the moment I am only selling within Australia and the postage is FREE.
The paintings are framed and ready to hang. Look again at the Whitewater Hotel painting above. This very neat wooden frame is shown. It has a simple profile, is box-style and finished in a charcoal colour. And they are all covered by my guarantee.

landscape gallery

Travel Tips for outdoor painters: Part 3

painters travel tips 3-water-carriers-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Travel tips – Part 3

For now, this will be the final issue in painters travel tips. Today’s post is about collapsible water carriers and blu-tac. Well, I didn’t promise excitement every time!

Water carriers

painters travel tips 3-water-carriers-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Carriers need to be the lightest possible of course! I have moved from clean plastic soda or milk bottles, to hikers’ water carriers. These are not only light but also collapsible so you really have less bulk to carry home. Their bulkiest part is the cap and nozzle. I usually carry enough for painting and a bit to drink. The cap allows for pouring, squirting and drinking. This particular type stands upright when it holds water. I use three or four on one outing, but usually bring a little water home. Three is just right.

These bottles are expensive to buy (about $19AUD) but I managed to find them at a January half-price sale two years in a row! Recently, I noticed some at an Oxfam shop in the UK but didn’t check their price.

painters travel tips 3-standing water carrier-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia


It may not be glamorous, but isn’t blu-tac useful? This is the everyday person’s industrial chewing gum. It has more uses in the field than I can count. Just carry some whenever you go out to paint – simple as that. It does soften and slip a bit in the hot weather, but a bit of hitching overcomes that.

Guessing that you don’t need to see a photo of some blu-tac waiting for use, here is a healthy reminder to end on! I will let you add your own caption…..

painters travel tips 3-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-eat fruit



Not sure whether you noticed, but this has been a post-free July and August for seascapes-aus. Just a few IT problems…
In the meantime as I will be painting in Rome soon with Kelly Medford and friends, I’ve been looking beyond my usual obsession with the sea.

Apologies for the uncropped images – on the run!

In Darlington recently…

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia

This was a special request. I was setting up to paint the back garden late in the afternoon when a young friend asked me to paint this from a tiny photo. I stayed outside and painted like mad (squinting at the photo for about 45 minutes) until rain and tea stopped play.

Some time later in the Alsace….

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
View of a sunlit slope from the kitchen window. Work to do!

l’Eglise, Natzwiller

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
Working on the balcony (in the blazing Alsace sun)!

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
The Netherlands! A pen and wash sketch of my favourite bridge in Zwolle. Its colour is a soft brick red – I regret my lack of kit that day.

On the way to Utrecht by train we passed a spectacular parking lot for cranes near ‘t Harde. Our host shared my enthusiasm and we set off the next morning to do some painting on the spot.

Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
Morning at the Cranium, near ‘t Harde.

I am a big fan of Roos Schuring‘s seascapes but have also come to love her cows. To be in Holland and not paint cows would be wasting a golden opportunity. Agree?
I will save that for another post.