Reviewing the website makeover, 18 months on


Here is a revisit of my website makeover post from March 2016, with 2017 edits.

Makeovers. What about a Website Makeover?

On TV, the Before and After comparison is the Punchline. The Reveal. It takes a long time to get to that point, but the way through the maze is definitely the entertainment. So what about a Website Makeover? I think there are more than a few similarities.

frequently asked questions-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

For new visitors, it won’t be possible to compare the Before and After. For seasoned visitors, the difference is clear. But “as seen on TV” what went on between stage 1 and 2 was action-packed and error-filled. In true Reality TV/IT fashion, it almost drew tears and certainly lots of desperate laughter. What is it about IT that STILL does that? A little bit of knowledge being dangerous I suppose.

March, Adelaide-style

In Adelaide we call March “Mad March” because of the Festival, the Fringe, the Car Race, the Horse Race and probably lots of other events. For me it was Mad all right – totally tied to the laptop and AWOL from the family and the great outdoors. Like the TV makeovers, it took a long time to get to the punchline. Thirty-one days and some of the nights.

Painful processes always remind me of a young neighbour of my parents. She visited one day to show my mother her school sewing project. When congratulated for her lovely work, she admitted being pleased with it but her final words were “But oh, Mrs Robert, the unpicking!” Rings a bell with me, and you?

The curtain is up, the hiding is over. Phew! Welcome aboard


Reviewing the reveal

Looking back now…

Over the past 18 months I have developed my logo a little and changed my tagline a few times.

I was

  • “Painting the accidental beauty in the everyday”
  • giving you “Paintings to pause for”
    Philippa Robert-logo-nov-2016-shop-click-paintings to pause for
  • “Paintings with a tale attached”
  • “Paintings to dream on”
    helping you to
  • “Reclaim your serenity”

That seems like a lot of promises looking back. Now, I am offering you the chance to

  • “See with the artist’s eye”.

This latest one is the simplest and I am promising less. My tagline is not about my identity or my paintings on their own, but the connection between YOU and the art.

How am I doing? What do you think?