More from the Open Studio door

Here is some more from the Open Studio door. Well, from a few steps away.

This painting was actually started on Weekend 3 I think, but it is all a bit fuzzy. I had a short holiday somewhere between weekend 3 and 4 so that’s my excuse.

Anyway, here is the second driveway work, in first draft.

2016-seascapes-Philippa Robert-beach blues-draft
Beach blues – draft

This painting is a lot busier than the first driveway painting which was “controlled” in a way by the gate’s structure.

Once again I have only just put the brush down, so it is too early to say it is finished. Perhaps even more so with this painting because there are so many competing elements.

Here is the most recent version. I have signed it for my own reasons, rather than the sense that it is complete.

Beach blues – latest draft

I am not sure whether the second draft is actually an improvement in some ways. The sandhill shadows are softer in an effort to push them back in space. I have also cooled down the large bush to add weight to the cool side of the palette.

Still wondering about this one. I think the second version has less dynamism, but is more cohesive. And dynamism matters to me, so more viewing time is in order. Perhaps a little time on the shelf is in order.

What do you think?


Recent paintings – from the Open Studio door


Recent paintings include seascapes from the driveway! They were outdoors, but I admit I made a bit of a compromise for the Open Studio sessions. I didn’t suffer the elements in the process.

There are three in all, but I will show the first one first. I have signed it for the purpose of showing it here. As far as recent paintings go, it is about 20 minutes since I put down the brush, and that is pretty recent! There may still be work to do.

This first draft shows the stage I left it after the first SALA weekend. still in progress.

recent paintings-2016-SALA-seascapes-Philippa Robert-gateway draft1
Beach gateway SALA draft

And this is the latest version of this recent painting.

Beach gateway – latest

There was some irony in this view. Although the big gates were open I insisted on painting from this restricted viewpoint.

The reason could have been because of my proximity to the studio door. I had 85 people through in the four weekends, so there was a lot going on.

I suspect that the real reason was more likely to be my contrary nature. It catches up with me when I choose compositions.

Thanks for looking in. I will show you some more paintings from the SALA Open Studio soon!