Painting at the Port

Painting at the Port! Today I am revisiting this spot in my head.

Our group has been painting at the Port many times before. There is such a lot to paint and this time one of the group was still wandering and wondering 20 minutes after arrival. It happens. Especially where everything looks inviting at first and on closer inspection, less exciting compositionally or too complex!

Painting at the Port-Philippa Robert-Birkenhead Bridge
Birkenhead Bridge

In past years I have drawn the Yelta (the last steam tug), painted the old Birkenhead Bridge and a pair of bollards.

Painting at the Port-Philippa Robert-Bollards

The Falie took me in with its coloured canopies and flag. It was so much more complex than those bollards! What was I thinking?

Painting at the Port-Falie photograph-Philippa Robert-Nov2016

Here is another shot, this time of the “One and All” which was berthed nearby on our third week.

Painting at the Port-One&All photograph-Philippa Robert-Nov2016
One and All

I have written recently about Painting in the wind.

Breezy to start with, soon windy, then gusty tending towards a gale. It was a warm day and the wind across the water was not cool. Even before I set up I bought a bottle of iced tea.

As I was painting, a piece of paper blew out of my top shirt pocket. Is that possible? After chasing it, scrunching it and replacing it in the pocket it happened again. I guess I thought the scrunched shape might keep it from flying out. It was risky chasing that piece of paper so close to the edge of the wharf.

Painting in the Port-Falie-work in progress-Philippa Robert
Falie (work in progress)

I painted for about an hour until I realised that it was taking all my non-painting limbs to hold things down!

And the painting? Here’s hoping I can finish it tomorrow!