Make planning a pleasure with a 2017 calendar

Planning for goals

Planning? It can be fun. A logic thing really, putting in a goal (where you want to be) and stepping backwards to where you are now. A calendar helps you see the steps at a glance. This is definitely a must for work.

planning-Philippa Robert, Adelaide South Australia
About half of my work is done here at the desk

Since I launched the new look website this year I have used some planning to get me “here” – preparing for a second Open Studio on 26-27th November. Glad to be using my picture hanging system in the studio again.

planning-open studio-nov-2017-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
August Open Studio. Happy to put my investment to good use!


Isn’t it nice to look at the calendar and see things to look forward to? There are always special dates to add when you personalise your calendar on January 1st. For the moment we will forget those “other” appointments which mess up the squares a bit.

Here they are!

I have made it work for me this year. Planning brings you this calendar! It is brim full of wave paintings, dreamy images to enjoy every month.

See what you can make happen with your fresh 2017 calendar. Available now at an introductory price of $25. Why don’t you try it next year?