Art tuition: Composing your Painting – spaces available

Composing your painting-art tuition-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Composing your Painting (aka Basic Beginnings)

Hey! Did you know? There are still a couple of spaces available in Composing your Painting, running in February!

If you feel some confusion about the title of the course, that is understandable!
Since its launch, I have suspected that its original name implied Novices Only. But it is more inclusive than that. If you are an absolute beginner it would be a good place to start. But if you have tried painting, or even attended some classes in the past, this short-term tuition could give you a boost.

art tuition-composing your painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Course content

These sessions will give a basic understanding of composition.
We will examine the ways that Form, Tone and Colour contribute.

Composing your painting-art tuition-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

My belief is that these three elements underpin the structure of a painting and that decisions about them determine the “success” of the final product.
Paintings CAN be composed differently, but this approach provides some criteria for creating your painting and analysing it as you go along.

art tuition-composing your painting-Philippa Robert-AdelaideSouthAustralia-beachpathway

Just a note here about Colour. That is a huge subject on its own but we will tackle it from the angle of colour temperature to simplify it for this context and for me!

Course format

My classes are in-person and in the studio. Classes are very small to allow for lots of individual attention. For “Composing Your Painting” there are a maximum of three participants.
There are three sessions of three hours each in this course, all held in my studio in Brighton, South Australia.


The total fee for this course is $100 (or $90 for subscribers).
The fee includes materials. More details here.

Class Dates

THURSDAYS February 9th, 16th and 23rd.


Let me tell you another story

This painting began on a really hot day in the high 30s when the sand was glaring white and the sea was at its blue-greenest. Because we live so close to the sea we can have a dip at any time of day without too much fuss and have the luxury of being able to avoid the hottest time out there. For people who travel to the beach by car with umbrellas and Eskys it is important to stay long enough to make the trip worthwhile.

people on the beach, Australia

So, back to the painting. First it was the brilliance of the sea colours against the bright sand that caught my eye, so I exaggerated those. Secondly the contrast between the tiny skerrick of shade with the expanse of hot sand was important to me, so I magnified it. There were a few other people on the sandhill but the composition did not need them. The umbrella offered little protection but allowed the introduction of a bright lolly pink to add some summer gaiety.

The painting was created for a ‘postcards’ exhibition at nearby seaside Glenelg. It was necessarily a simple composition but also enough of a popular image to suit the format.And it was a quickie. A little bit out of the ordinary for me, so simple it could possibly be formulaic. It has grown on me however and I like it more as time goes on.

Will I make my fortune that way?