European landscapes

European landscapes this time! A tiny taste of something more exotic (depending of course on where you live).

Scooterscape; acrylic on linen panel, 20x25cm, Was $300, now $270

Colourful Rome in summer. Painted plaster walls, lime green foliage, cheeky scooters dodging cars, or lining the streets. There is energy and beauty in the simplest streetscape.

Centuries apart; acrylic on linen panel, 25x20cm, Was $300, Now $270

The juxtaposition of ancient and ‘old’ is everywhere in very old (built) civilisations. In Rome it stands out because the ancient is literally crumbling! The stones have stories to tell as is often said. Unfortunately I can’t tell you which wall this is or where we were at the time, but the contrast and tension between these two edifices as they seem to stand nose to nose is almost palpable. The shiver of blue between them highlights their near connection.

Piazza del Popolo; acrylic on linen panel, 25x20cm, Was $300, Now $270

This Piazza was remarkable to me because I saw it in a quick glimpse as we passed the huge archway. My snapshots captured the architecture and I conjured up the people, including the colourful tourist who reminds me of a friend as she stands waiting for someone.

These three paintings were developed from photographs taken from the bus window as I left Rome when a holiday regrettably had to be cancelled. Happy relics however. I hope you like them too!