A book? I thought you were an artist.


A book is another dimension of an artist’s online presence. Curtain up.

For me, it is a concrete outcome of the Makeover online course in March. My new book showcases images of my recent seascape paintings over the last few years.
I am very proud to say they are South Australian seascapes, from Adelaide and beyond. Like all of Australia’s capital cities except Canberra, Adelaide lies on the coastal fringe. Our suburban beaches have been a great source of inspiration for my paintings for the past few years. My work shows the dune plants as well as the beach itself; the structures on the foreshore and the people using the space.


The image above is “A knowing companion” one of a series painted outdoors in the early morning light.
The beach has so many different aspects for artists, for walkers, for dogs, for fishermen. I met so many old friends down there at sunrise that week. There is nothing like going a few days in a row to your ‘local’. This pelican was a regular too. And after a few days I recognised this particular man as one my former neighbours. As he sat and fished, he also put little scraps of fish beside his bucket for the pelican. It was a wonderful experience to be part of it or at least an observer from a few steps away. Friends came across the sand to greet me. There were quick snippets of ‘catchup’ conversation. Someone bought a painting off the easel – collected later at the gallery.

All part of “South Australian Seascapes”.

artproducts1-book-seascapes-PhilippaRobert-Adelaide-South Australia-SouthAustralianSeascapes

There is a story behind every painting. I have let you into the secret. The book shows the paintings, but also tells some of the stories. Now you know some of the goss! More next time.