Book of Landscapes

2012-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Recovery Kangaroo Island
Book-Landscapes-Recent works by Philippa Robert
New book – Landscapes

This book of landscapes has just been released.

The book has been a few months in the planning, writing and setting up so it has been only a virtual reality for me until now. What joy when it arrived on Monday in its concrete form! It reminded me of meeting the train on Saturday mornings once a month in Waikerie to see what books the public lending library in Adelaide had sent. In those days it was probably Milly Molly Mandy or The Secret Seven. Times have changed since then. This week the delivery was “Landscapes. Recent paintings by Philippa Robert”!

The beauty and importance of books

I really believe that the day of the book is NOT over. The sensuality of paper, the freshness that comes with turning pages are just two of the good things about books. Another advantage of actual over virtual books is to be able to curl up in a chair in a sunny spot to read. In any posture you choose, and with no back-lit text or images it is doubly restful – on eyes as well as body. Truly pleasurable. Art books are nice to have around too. As well as being a bit decorative on a table top, they are the sort of thing you can pick up and browse in for a while and go on with something else. Not too demanding but full of surprises.

Landscapes. Recent paintings by Philippa Robert

In this second book I have included longer passages of text for each painting. No more than one page as was the case with “South Australian Seascapes“, but more detail and more entertainment value! There are also more images in this book. I have chosen thirty landscape paintings to feature and write about. Some of them have been featured in my blog posts this month so might be familiar to you.

Here is an extract from the book.

2012-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Recovery Kangaroo Island
Recovery, Kangaroo Island (25x30cm); in private collection

Recovery, Kangaroo Island was a painting marking a February visit to my brother’s farm near Western River Cove. January had seen a major bushfire roar through the property with
twelve fire trucks in attendance. Luckily the farmhouse and sheds were saved but much bush
land was burned. 

Within a month the new growth had started to appear and this painting records the repair around the little billabong downhill from the farmhouse. It was a beautiful quiet spot to paint,
but the smell of charcoal was strong and the ants were big and busy.

Although the beauty of the scene grew from a near disaster, it was delightful to paint. I loved the blackness of the charred tree trunks and the contrasting sharp green of the new growth on the branches. It is as if Nature over-compensates for the damage and allows every possible node to sprout some greenery to allow the trees to respire and recover. I have almost a book’s worth of photographs of this phase of recovery but this is the only painting I have made – so far!

I am very excited to introduce you to this new book. It is available here!