Mid-month madness – landscapes sale

Landscapes sale! Somehow July always gets the gig for this feature. It’s mid-way through the year and summer feels so far away. It just isn’t as easy to be outdoors painting landscapes right now. OK, call me faint-hearted.

This year I am starting a little earlier. Mid-year, mid-June. That’s why I am calling it mid-month madness.
Perhaps it’s the winter solstice that sends me a bit crazy? Anyway…
The website is set up for you to find a little painting to love.

From Tuesday 19th June to midnight Monday 16th July I am giving you a chance to start your art collection. Modestly.
If you have already started a collection, you have a perfect opportunity to add to it. Modestly.

So, what are these landscapes?

These little beauties have not been openly exhibited before.
Take a peek here.

landscapes sale-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Harton hedge. 12.5×17.5cm; acrylic, framed.

They have been seen in calendars and an Open Studio weekend, but all in all they have not seen much daylight. Except as they were being created – these are outdoor paintings after all. Most of them were painted on a recent trip to the UK and yes, there was sunlight.
They mark my change last year to a much more colourful palette. There is a certain joy about these. And a directness.

That’s a good start.
Now, all they need are….

New homes to settle in!

New homes can be old places of course. They can be flats or rooms or even a desk.

outdoor painting-landscapes sale-philippa robert-whitewater hotel with pen-2017
Whitewater Hotel, Cumbria. 12.5×17.5cm; acrylic, framed

One of the special features that makes these paintings easy to live with is their size.
They start at 10x15cm. The next size is 12.5×17.5cm. Still easy to live with.
They don’t dominate your space, but they do make it more interesting.
The image above of Whitewater Hotel is shown framed. The length of the pen is actually the height of the painting.
Hence propping on the desk IS a possibility.

So, their small size is a big plus!

Are they affordable?

You may already know that my prices are reasonable. My high end items reach over $1,000 but not much more. They measure up to 100cms in any direction.

And these littlies? They are normally $120 and upwards but – and this is where the madness comes in – during this landscape sale they will be selling at 10% off that price.

Very small prices.

landscapes-sale-2017-Marion's Florist-outdoor painting-streetscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Marion’s Florist, South Shields; 12.5×17.5cm, acrylic, framed.

It’s a great way to start your collection (or add to it). Or it might even be time to put a gift away for your “special someone”.

Any hidden extras?

Only good ones!
At the moment I am only selling within Australia and the postage is FREE.
The paintings are framed and ready to hang. Look again at the Whitewater Hotel painting above. This very neat wooden frame is shown. It has a simple profile, is box-style and finished in a charcoal colour. And they are all covered by my guarantee.

landscape gallery

The Studio – Open for business

Harton Hedge-outdoor painting-streetscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Open for business again! Yes, it has been a workplace, but we have had only a few visitors over the past few months.
And I think you know what that means. Stuff has built up. Surfaces – well, where are they? Buried or smothered. Dust has collected in the corners.
Now the TO-DO list has become TA-DA! Lots of crossing out with a flourish of the pen. And here’s why….

Open Studio

open for business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Once again I am teaming up with my daughter Jane White to bring you lots of gift ideas at very reasonable prices. You will find plenty of variety, with tiny landscape paintings, stone and string jewellery, calendars, candles and cards on display.

Outdoor paintings

The little landscapes I will be showing are all from outdoor excursions, some of which took place in the United Kingdom earlier this year. Here is a peek at one.

Harton Hedge-open for business-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia
Harton Hedge, acrylic on canvas panel.(12x17cm approx)

We invite you to drop in for a browse and a chat. Check out the facebook page for the address. Otherwise you can send me a message via my contact page. This is a busy time of year already, but if you can make it Jane and I would be delighted to welcome you. The weather should be cooler by the weekend too.

Outdoor painting 2017 – how will landscapes fit?

Outdoor painting 2017-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide

Outdoor painting 2017.

Is it different this year?


Outdoor painting competes with studio & online time, teaching, sales & promotion, daily life, family life. Just like any work role, but addictive!

Outdoor painting 2017-Philippa Robert Adelaide South Australia-outdoor setup-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia

Seascapes or Landscapes

Sometimes there is a competition between these two. They seem to vie for attention and time.

In January I simplified the website to show seascapes. But landscapes are on the easel as well. I am continuing to paint with the Fresh Air Friday group which is mostly land- rather than sea-based.

So where do the landscapes fit?

In a special feature every now and then I think. And

A new book

To follow “South Australian Seascapes” and “Landscapes. Recent works by Philippa Robert“, I am planning a book of paintings depicting Adelaide and its suburbs.

Today I completed a small painting of St Peter’s Cathedral from Brougham Gardens, North Adelaide. Very Adelaide!

Outdoor painting 2017-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-St Peter's Cathedral Adelaide
St Peter’s Cathedral, Adelaide (25x20cm) $340 shipped and framed

It will be the first entry for the Adelaide book. After all, it was known as the city of churches.

There are plenty more to paint and other subjects too. I can’t wait.







2012-landscapes-outdoor painting-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Urrbrae House
Urrbrae House; 20x20cm
Bed of Roses, Mitcham. (30x30cm)

2014-landscapes-Philippa Robert-Adelaide South Australia-Cypresses Mitcham

Cypresses, Mitcham; 20x25cm (private collection)

Places for contemplation can feel like havens in this busy world. They are places where we can be alone with our thoughts and sometimes our particular memories.

We need them, but are often too busy to seek them out. For me any natural surroundings like the beach or bushland can put me into a contemplative mood. Even while I am painting there is a level of my mind which is switched off. I suppose that is more meditative. I certainly don’t solve any life problems but I can leave them behind for a bit.

Cemeteries are strange places, and while they don’t always feel welcoming perhaps it is in the mind of the visitor. Unless it is a painting excursion, my reason for being there is usually a funeral. That is a time for contemplation of course and if there is time to wander around known spots afterwards, all the better.

Gardens and cemeteries often go together, thank goodness. As you can see in two of these paintings at Mitcham Cemetery in Adelaide, two different sections can lie within the boundaries. One work is an exercise in rhythms, while the other has a gentler feel with greenery and sunlight.

Two of these paintings and their stories are in my new book – Landscapes. Recent work by Philippa Robert.

I am convinced that art books can put people in a contemplative mood. Give it a try!